Friday, September 25, 2015

Real Estate Investing

Ever since I could remember, I have always been interested in houses of all kinds, from traditional to chic and modern.  I remember on numerous occasions, I would pass grocery aisles or browse the book store to find the home decor mags. You know what I'm talking about..the living room, the garden, and oh, the kitchen mags, my favorite!  This is off topic, but there is this trend for some time to put the dining table in the same room as the living room. I mean to each his own. Some people believe this is wonderfully modern, and as a bonus you can watch TV as you eat!  Me? I like to see the formal, separate dining room where everyone can eat, talk, and laugh with undivided attention.  I also love the big open country kitchens where there may be a fireplace, extra storage, and counter space..kind of a little parlor of its own.  I have only seen a couple of houses that have this... to my great disappointment.

Anyway, owning property is somewhat of a thing to do in my family. When I gained knowledge of this, it was the first time I was introduced to residual income.  Many of us follow the traditional route of going to college, getting a great job, getting married, having children, putting those kids through school, and then retiring.  Now this is a good plan. It's secure, safe, and this is what we set off to do.  However, life may just wag that finger at you, just to let you know that she never agreed to such a thing and it's just about time you to get knocked off that horse of security. Life may let you know that it's time to get back to her gameboard.  For many of us, life doesn't go according to plan or even turn out how we meant for it to.  You might not have gotten a high income degree like computer science, engineering, or business. Maybe you had a child along the way and had to put some dreams on the back burner.  For some of us, a family member took ill, which may leave someone to become the sole caretaker, putting their dreams on hold.  I fall among the first.  My degree and training is in the arts field and I tend to do work that involves some sort of creative expression.  Don't get me wrong. I am happiest when I work, so much so that it doesn't even feel like work. However, sometimes I feel the consequences of my career decisions when I want to travel, see my family, take up a hobby, or just start a project.  I have had a life of struggle, but it has only given me strength and knowledge of how to overcome the hurdles.

For some of us, life did go according to plan, great career,great family, etc.  Some people from that group may work most of their lives to put money into savings accounts, leveraging their time, maybe 40-60 hours a week.  Some people fall into this same category, but have no control over their work schedule, especially when they work. Time may be sacrificed with both family and friends, or a meaningful pursuit.  Familial relationships may be weakened as a result, but what can one do?  One has to support one's family, and if the breadwinner didn't work hard for many hours, the family would probably have much more to complain about.

Earlier, I mentioned that I didn't get a high income degree. As a result, I've had to work two jobs, as many of us do, to support myself and make ends meet. I have always been a very analytical, logical person, so here is how I look at it: entrepreneurship is a solid key, if not the only key to freedom of various forms.  Full time, we generally work 40-60+ hours. Many of us just do this for the rest of our lives, perfectly content or miserable, depending on the circumstance.  However, what is most logical to me, if not common sense, is to use some of that time for a certain period of time,  to devote towards building monthly streams of income.  When that time is invested and the streams start flowing, time freedom can be achieved. Real estate investment is the perfect vehicle to achieve such a freedom. When was the last time the news did a broadcast about property rentals being a thing of the past?  Human beings will always need somewhere to live. This is a fact known through history! There is only so much time a person can work in a day. Why should we all spend the rest of our lives building someone else's business, just to in some cases, be let go due to cutbacks, after years of devotion?

Like I said, I've always been thoughtful, so I didn't just jump into real estate investing.  I am receiving top quality education and training, directly from successful investors in the field, not their groupies. The education is easily accessible and I am fortunate enough to be a part of a community study group.  We meet weekly, I am creating contacts, and establishing great relationships.  The training is by invitation only, but once in, one literally has no reason not to join.  I have met a lot of noteworthy people in this training program. We work hard and we play hard too, but at the foundation it's truly about helping people. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, I feel secure in my decision and confident about my future.  There is also a separate marketing division of the company, in which one can make lucrative income about a win-win situation.  You can learn more about the training program and contact me directly. The investors prefer people who are coachable and trainable.  When it comes to applicants, the investors seek business acumen, perseverance, discipline, the ability to attend on-going training, keep a daily business log, literary enrichment, and of course a hunger for real estate.

Best of Luck!